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Why don't we own our own data, maaan? Personal webpages > social media.



A/S/L? -- 33 / ?? / Kansas City

Hi! My name is Rachel. I live in the Kansas City metro area. I've been programming since I was 10, and have worked locally as a software/web developer since 2010. Currently, I'm a computer science teacher at a community college and I also make indie games (and other media) on the side.

Favorite color:Purple ^-^
Favorite food:Ummm bibim bap or chicken 65 biriyani from Ruchi :F But I'll generally eat most stuff. Pizza is always appreciated.
Favorite programming language:C++ (All my personal websites are written in PHP tho)
Favorite DND class:Cleric! ;D
Favorite coffee:Vanilla latte
Favorite Operating System:Linux Mint with Mate desktop environment
Favorite text editor:Geany



Teaching stuff

Creative Commons / Public Domain stuff



Blog posts

Smol thoughts

I saw some tweets about "Distributed Internet" the other day and I was excited until I realized they were talking about NFT bullshit instead of stuff like distributed social media and SOLID-style projects. :|


I've been trying to search for my old websites and other websites I used to go to when I was younger, but since a lot of us used free hosting we didn't just have "" as URLs. This makes it really hard to find stuff made by us as kids/teens with no money. :(



Media log

Why store this data on someone else's page? -- Lists of books read, TV shows, etc.

Media logs



Archiving stuff digitally.

Archiving others' works

Rachel's Archive - Downloads of rare book scans, game CD rips

Rachel on the Old Web

Also old Rachel stuff on the web?

I can't remember many of my old usernames, but here's what I do remember. (I'm mostly putting it here so I can find this information later lol.)

Screenshots of desktops / projects

Iterations of my webpages

Gifs that remind me of the old internet/computers

Authentic Pikachu gif. I don't even know where these were from but you used to see them everywhere. I definitely remember this cat.
I stumbled across this in the gif searcher and I instantly remembered HOW COOL I THOUGHT THESE WERE they reminded me of the boards in Oddworld and I remember having some sort of maker for these. LEET INTERNET TIMES. WinAmp was so freaking good. My parents didn't want to get us a pet so they got me Catz instead. We did eventually get a real kitty and puppy though. (As an adult, we now have four cats. <3)




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Rachel I am testing my own guestbook! 2020-12-24T15:45:35-05:00
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Benedikt Really like your page. 2020-12-24T16:55:06-05:00
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Akira Hi Rachel, I like your website. 2021-05-01T17:26:16-04:00
wasolili mi olin e lipu sina. sitelen tawa li pona a. I love your website. The animated GIFs are very cool. 2021-10-18T00:42:44-04:00
PiP it's been a while since I've seen one of these things! - Mike 2021-12-06T09:02:46-05:00
SkyLantern Thank you for this. The early days of the internet was wild, wonderful, and weird. Just like the journey I took to finally land on this site, starting at a book you uploaded to the Internet Archive and ending up here, I'd spend hours surfing from one link to another, nowhere near where I started. I miss it for all it's randomness and quirkiness. Thanks for reloading those memories. 2021-12-23T23:48:09-05:00
Alarxon Hi! I love your website 💜 2021-12-29T05:34:05-05:00
Darb Wow! I am signing this guestbook from a smartphone! Feels weird considering when this site format ruled the world I was plugged into the internet through a landline telephone. Thanks for bringing me back. 2022-01-02T03:53:16-05:00

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