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Heart Quest series

I spent $198 on these... Book 1 was so pricey ;-; I bought these because I didn't see any ebook options so I wanted to archive them.

ThumbnailBookLocal mirrorArchive.org
HEARTQUEST #1 Ring of the Ruby Dragon HeartQuest_1_Ring_of_the_Ruby_Dragon.pdf Archive.org
HEARTQUEST #2 Talisman of Valdegarde HeartQuest_2_Talisman_Of_Valdegarde.pdf Archive.org
HEARTQUEST #3 Secret Sorceress HeartQuest_3_Secret_Sorceress.pdf Archive.org
HEARTQUEST #4 Isle of Illusion HeartQuest_4_Isle_Of_Illusion.pdf Archive.org
HEARTQUEST #5 Moon Dragon Summer Looking for a copy to buy...
HEARTQUEST #6 Lady of the Winds Looking for a copy to buy...



ThumbnailSoftwareVideoLocal mirrorArchive.org
Quest for the Scrolls - Hercules and Xena Learning Adventure Gameplay video Hercules_and_Xena_Learning_Adventure.iso Archive.org (not my backup)
Xena: Warrior Princess - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Brilliant Digital Multipath Adventure) Xena_Brilliant_Digital_Entertainment.iso Archive.org
BibleMan: A Fight for Faith PC Game (Full game) BibleMan_AFFF_Full.zip
The Tomb of Moses PC Game TheTombOfMoses.zip
Theatrix Hollywood PC Game Theatrix_Hollywood.zip