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May projects

Posted on 2022-05-31

Here's what I worked on this month!

Rawr Rinth


Still working with my team on Rawr Rinth. We've decided to just focus on PC development for now, instead of slowing everything down by having to target multiple platforms.

PlayDate SDK Demos


I've also been working on PlayDate SDK demos, mostly with Lua but some C, since the SDK is open publicly now. I've made a few demos that I've put in a repository and on itchio, and you can use the code for whatever you'd like!

Esperanto Shareware video

I've been digging up some "old software"... ;)

HeartQuest archival


I finally purchased the last book in the HeartQuest series. I haven't scanned it in yet, but I'll get it uploaded soon. So far, books 1 through 5 are already up on my website and on Archive.org!

BBC Basic

Been having fun playing with a BBC Basic emulator and writing out game code from vintage magazines I found on Archive.org. It's almost freaking magical, in a way!!


My plants continue growing and I am excited about my greenbeans and sugar snap peas coming in!! :3


Rai and I went on an impulsive memorial day weekend trip to Branson, MO. Even though I've been in Missouri since I was about 12, my family had never gone to Branson, so I had no idea there was more than just Silver Dollar City there. (We didn't even go to SDC, I am old and don't have the energy lol.)

Ebay surfing

I've been looking up old stuff on ebay more often lately because I am old and nostalgic stuff makes my brain light up with happy chemicals. I've mostly been looking up 90s toys (not to buy, just to identify stuff I used to have but forgot), old books, and old PC software. I bought a kids' calculator that I had when I was a kid and never remembered the name of, but was able to find on ebay. I wasn't able to find it from just general web searches, but I found it there!

Summer class prep

Preppping my summer semester. I have some ideas for things to make my first level C++ course more clear for my students. We will see how it goes!

Not FFXIV, unfortunately

I finished Heavensward during the Spring semester but I haven't picked up the next expansion story much yet because I was tired, and the semester break has been busy as well. Hopefully I'll have more time during the summer semester, since my classes are online-only, so I mostly just have to respond to emails or occasional one-on-one Zoom meeting times.

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