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Elon Musk bought Twitter

Posted on 2022-10-27

Well, that asshat bought Twitter, so I am one again nuking many posts from my Twitter account. If you want to socialize, I'd suggest connecting with me on Mastodon or Discord or maybe Instagram. I'm also on Facebook but I don't want to post the link to that, plus we should be moving away from Meta-owned social media, too.

Will I still be on Twitter?

I am planning on removing most of the posts off my Twitter account @Moosader again and leaving only stuff related to marketing for my indie games or other things that help me make money to help me be a bit more independent from any day jobs. Unfortunately, alternative social media platforms aren't super great for getting eyes on projects and such.

I'm planning on doing most of my writing about game development in dev blogs on itch.io and then linking to that on the various social medias. That's my plan - mostly linking to content hosted elseware. I would prefer to not create content for free for Elon-fucking-Musk.

Where am I online?

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