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Free time

Posted on 2022-04-20

What would I be doing if I had more free time? If I didn't have to work a day job to pay bills?

Currently, when I have a sliver of free time I try to fit in some game development or making short films in Esperanto. I like making tutorials on programming and game development on my YouTube channel and otherwise developing educational resources for computer science. I also like to make zines (indie magazines) and writing music. And I have a Redbubble that I occasionally update with stickers.

Most of the time I don't have time to make these things as much as I would like. I basically have to wait for the between-semester breaks to fill in as much as I can, or temporarily sacrifice my weekends.

Work takes up a lot of time, but also my volunteering work, and also making sure I spend time with my friends and family. Balance in life is important, though unfortunately in our culture work is allowed to take up the greatest amount of our time.

If I were able to survive without working full time, I would ideally spend more time making video games, making educational software, and making animated films. AND I would be able to make something more substantial... I wouldn't be limited to making single short episodes, I could focus on something more long-term, an over-arching story. A game that gets regular updates. Not just a silly christmas gift game about horses once a year.

My hobbies have been on the back burner since college. It's exhausting knowing that I'm capable of so much more, but I just can't... I can't have that time.

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