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My 2021

Posted on 2022-01-02

LOL... I wrote my "My 2020" blog post on January 2nd, 2021, at 12:15 am. Now, here I am, on January 2nd, 2022, at 12:30 am writing this post. Perhaps I get all nostalgic for the old internet around new years, which drives me to update this website lol.


Well, we began moving into our house in January of 2021. Man, I am glad I do not have to move again unless we want to buy another house. I like the idea of "I COULD LIVE HERE FOREVER!!" (so long as we pay the mortgage).

Due to my dad thinking he was gonna rewire the house but ending up just... tearing all sorts of stuff out and leaving it that way
We ended up having to pay like $8000 for an electric company to come out to our house and rewire shit. We had them install ground to most the outlets though, so there's that.

While our house was a huge mess and we had limited working power outlets, I escaped into the world of Divinity Original Sin 2 for the first time. I love that game.


I watched the Superb Owl for the first time in my life, though I didn't know what was happening.


March is MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! Also we finally had the house mostly straightened up, with our basic appliances and necessary new furniture (sofas) set up.

In my downtime, I started listening to a lot of audio books from the library and doing puzzles. I freaking love doing puzzles, man.


I got my vaccines in April! Otherwise, we were all still working from home (teaching classes via Zoom) and not a whole lot happening.


May is when my husband and I had to keep going to the local DMV and waste time waiting in line because there was no like... computerized number taking system. And if you didn't have enough information you had to leave and come back later and get in line all over again. UGH. MODERNIZE.


I was so burnt out from the Spring semester at this point, I just remember playing A LOT of Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance, even though objectively it is not a good game. I enjoy it, though. Jank and all.

I also hosted a couple of Kansas City Esperanto meetings via the Gather web application. It was pretty fun!


We did do more socializing over 2021, but sticking to open-air environments. I even had my DND group of friends come over to fight the boss of the quest at the time from my back yard.


In August I took my sister, her bf, my cousin, and my husband down to Uranus, MO to get some fudge and view the attractions.

(Side note: Where did my Monkey Island t-shirt go?? I always buy cool t-shirts and then I can't find them after the first time I wear 'em! Where is my Giant Bomb t-shirt?!?!?!)


During September I worked on my short film, "Piro Kavaliro" for the Esperanto Good Film Festival. (You can view the video here.) I won 7th place, and $50! Whee!

I also painted my at-home office. Most walls are light gray, and then one big purple wall!


In October I took my kid friends out to a thrift store to assemble halloween costumes. I used to like sewing my own halloween costumes, but with full time work, we had to make due with thrift store stuff - I didn't have time to sew anything ^^;


In November Rai and I started watching Christmas movies. I haven't been much of a Christmas movie type in the past, but I did enjoy some low budget holiday movies we found on TV. Something about getting older makes me want to enjoy slow, simple moments more.

Rai and I also went to the Powell Gardens' Festival of Lights together, and I went with my cousin Rebekah to the Van Gogh exhibit at Starlight Theater.


The end of the semester felt like it took forever to get around. I was thoroughly burnt out, and once the semester was done I did all my last-minute Christmas shopping. I spent the rest of the year not thinking about work, postponing it for the start of January. During my break, I've spent time drawing and playing video games, mostly. December 1st also marked Rai and my 4th marriage anniversary!

Goals for 2022?

Well, we are still trying to create a small human. I'd also like to experiment with creating a programming language, and I just generally want to make more space for myself (not over-working). I would love to grow my own vegetables and maybe tea plants, so I'm going to be researching that. I also need to exercise more and study Hindi.

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